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We’re building GlassCeiling.com to become a key resource for women determined to succeed in business. Whether you’re starting out or rising up, reached the ceiling or have smashed through it, this is where you’ll make connections for your next step.

Our job board is only the beginning. Articles and interviews. Start-up advice for women entrepreneurs. Workplace know-how from experts in the field. Everything you need to know and everything you have to share will come together here at GlassCeiling.com.

Who We Are

Founder/President: Ruth Goran
Contributing Editor: Barbara Nellis
Contributing Writer: Jordan Zaslow
Business Development: Marjorie Goran
Business/Finance: Evan Goran-Dry and Ian Goran-Dry
Advisor: Ari Ratner
Co-founder: Greg Sokolowski

If you’re a company, association or individual who would like to join us as we celebrate women who have stepped up and help those who would like to, email our founder, Ruth Goran, with your ideas. Thanks!

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